Sunday, 10 January 2016

Dujanah Progress

I'm a good chunk into the second mini-game, an as yet untitled love-em-up that is pungently cute and involves spreading the love . In the above GIF the character can be seen with Mr Chicken and then comments on Ellie's new bumbag. Mr Puss can be seen in the corner. Truly revolting stuff. *edit - changed Mr Puss to Mr Cat.

I had a little break from working on Dujanah over the holidays but I'm back at it now and I just absolutely love it. Whilst making the animations I have ideas about the story, whilst implementing the story I have ideas about the sound and so on and so on. Not to belie my other works but I'm not sure I've ever felt so passionately about a game. I feel the narrative does some really exciting things too but I can't really tell anyone because it may ruin all the fun, such is the case with narrative pieces.

I'm pretty certain now that I will attempt to crowdfund Dujanah. It turns out the UK Games Fund doesn't consider solo devs and I have concerns with arts funding (tax payer money, months of uncertainty, uncertain all over). Also, I sort of like the philosophy behind Kickstarter, supporting the little guy and allowing for niche works to happen. I estimate that I'm about 65% finished which seems the sort of correct place to launch from. Anyway, fingers crossed for me.

Monday, 4 January 2016

Dujanah Progress

Happy New Year, lets hope it's a good one. 2015 was a bit rubbish for me, if it wasn't one thing it was another. 

I've been making a great deal of progress on the game, in particular I've been making mini-games that will act as something like dungeons for certain stories. The first is The Caves of Al Dajjal, a wee metroidlike game. People I've ran the game past have been pretty positive citing old-school challenge and the likes but I'm aware it still needs some tweaking.